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Self contained compactors for organic waste. Stationary compactors for waste & recyclable commodity flows, including industrial compactors for cardboard, food, metal, paper, plastic, rubber, vegetation, wood shavings and more.

Compactor sizes Offered:

Self-contained 30 Yard Compactors

Self-contained 30cy compactor is a sealed compaction system. An ideal permanent solution for wet commercial, organic, or food/ MSW waste. Prevents leakage, keeps yard clean and dry.

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Hopper is modified to desired loading method

trash compactor hopper
garbage compactor hoppers for rent

40 Yard Compactors

Stationary compactor is a 40cy compaction system designed for dry waste and recycling of cardboard, paper, plastic materials. Ideal large capacity solution for dry commercial waste, plastic and cardboard recycling, or any large volume dry material flow.

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commercial waste compactor

Compactor Hopper modified for hand loading


Here is a pass thru chute for hand loaded bagged waste. Loading dock was sealed with metal plating. Overhead rolling door remains operational and can be closed from inside the plant without making contact with plating and chute door.

Chute into Stationary Compactor with 40CY Can

Cart Dumper/Compactor/ Carting System

Designed primarily for paper and cardboard generators such as printers, distribution centers.
This system can be used for other industrial waste flows.

The rolling recycling carts are placed throughout the work floor at scrap generating positions.
When full, worker rolls to ramp and into cart dumper.

The dumper and compactor are manually or automatically activated. A 40cy compaction can collects and compresses keeping the work floor clear of accumulated material.

Air Trim Removal System & Cart Dumper

A positive air pressurized system designed to blow shredded paper, cardboard, or other types of trim waste thru conical piping attached to the underside of the facilities’ ceiling.

The trim waste is delivered to the stationary compactor. A loading dock cart dumper is added in the below image, offering a secondary method of introducing product simultaneously into the 40CY compactor box.

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