Roll Off Dumpster Miami

Roll Off Dumpster Miami

Waste is anything that is not useful to man and his environment. In developed countries, they are elements that cannot be recycled and are landfill-bound.

On a daily basis, man’s different activities ensure that waste is generated from residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural facilities. Waste management is, therefore, everybody’s business.

Recycle Capital Waste and Recycling is, however, at the forefront of delivering superlative waste management services, not excluding hazardous waste removal in Miami.

In over two decades of operating in the waste management industry, we have noted some frequently asked questions about our waste roll-off dumpsters. Here are some and our answers.

  • How much does it cost to rent your waste roll off dumpster in Miami?

The price required to contract our waste roll-off dumpster rental service in Miami differs on the considerations of the size of the debris, type of debris, the weight of the debris, and your location. We will also take into account the length of the rent period.

  • Are there items I cannot put in your waste roll-off dumpster?

Yes. There are non-recyclable items and are capable of causing damage to the roll-off dumpster and even to the landfill. They contain hazardous chemicals. They must be separated from other debris for safety and environmental purposes, and that is why we specially handle dangerous waste removal in Miami. Some of these items are kerosene, alcohol, diesel, cleaning solvents, motor oil, chlorine bleach, automotive lead-acid batteries, fertilizer, ammunition, oxygen tanks, medications, fluorescent lightbulbs, animal waste, animal body parts, and the likes.

  • Which waste roll-off dumpster size is right for my project? 

The project will determine the size of the waste roll-off dumpster you require. We believe in recycling for Miami businesses and have constructed different sizes of waste roll-off dumpsters personalized for our clients’ disposal and recycling needs. We have the 10CY Can, 20CY Can. 30CY Can, 33CY Can, and the 40CY Can for you to make your choice.

  • Will you pick up the waste roll-off dumpster as scheduled?

The waste roll-off dumpster can get filled up even before the pickup due date, and that is why we work with your notification call instead. We expect you to call and notify us on or before the due date. We will charge additional fees for each additional day if the rental period exceeds the agreed schedule.

  • Must I be present on the day of delivery and pickup?

You do not have to stress yourself to be present on the day your waste roll-off dumpsters will be delivered to you and on the day of pickup. Our well-trained staff will handle your trash disposal needs to your satisfaction.

  • Do you also recycle the trash in your waste roll-off dumpsters?

We are the best commercial parts recycling company in Miami. Our recycling process is hinged on preserving the ecosystem and reducing the negative impact of climate change on the world to the barest minimum. As the one-stop recycling plan, it is only ideal for you to trust us with your commercial glass recycling in Miami.

  • Can I order more dumpsters?

If your dumpster gets filled before completing your project and requires more, you can order more dumpsters to cover all the debris generated during your project.

Contact Recycle Capital Waste and Recycling to request a quote: 305-418-0147.

Roll Off Dumpster Miami

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