There is no escaping commercial waste in a commercial city. Businesses generate wastes daily, and there will always be a need to dispose them and recycle potentially valuable products.

Recycling is a top method of waste management. There are many benefits attributed to recycling. One of such is that with the recycling culture in commercial cities, there will be no need to source and extract raw materials from the earth through mining and forestry. This way, the environment is protected as there will not be any sort of depletion. Landfills will reduce as most of the products that should have been sent to the landfill will be conveniently recycled. There are many other benefits of recycling for Miami businesses.


Commercial waste dumpsters are enormous than residential dumpsters and are made with more substantial materials to manage heavier loads in grocery stores, for instance.

Commercial waste dumpsters are stationed in commercial facilities no matter the industry to collect wastes, which are offloaded as scheduled between our client and us. It is a personalized service delivery for your business to settle your disposal needs.

Permanent placement dumpsters at commercial facilities are used to hold trash, debris, or junk, and they come in different sizes to sustain reliable recycling for commercial waste solutions.


These are waste generated in a commercial facility. Any building erected to transact business and make profits is a commercial facility, and the wastes produced in these premises are classified as commercial waste. Waste such as paper, cardboard, cans, food wrappers, and the likes are commercial waste and are subject to commercial parts recycling.


Recycle Capital Waste is a waste management and recycling company that offers the best dumpster rental service in Miami. Our dumpster rental service is affordable and perfect. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring your commercial facilities are cleaned up to your satisfaction.

From small bars to building apartments, our duty is to make sure we personalize and help you erase from your to-do-list disposal duties. It could either be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.


Generally, the sizes of residential waste dumpsters range from 2 cubic yards to 8 cubic yards. Our commercial waste dumpsters are, however, measured differently.

  • We have the 10CY Can. It is a concrete washout can that is used to hold wet concrete and prevent leakage in construction sites. This way, the ground is dry and free from any contamination.
  • Next is the 20CY Can, a multi-purpose dumpster used at construction sites and commercial grounds to make the ground level and handloading jobs.
  • The 30CY Can also serve many purposes; it can be loaded with a forklift or set on a loading dock.
  • Our 33CY Can is specially made to fill load or contain disposed commercial glasses, making commercial glass recycling easy.
  • We also have the 40CY Can, strictly constructed for heavy commercial waste on our commercial waste dumpster list. This is the type of dumpster used in hazardous waste removal in Miami.

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