California hazardous waste transport

California hazardous waste transport

Count on the Prime California Hazardous Waste Transport

Every day, many companies generate a considerable amount of hazardous waste that must be managed appropriately. This disposal of dangerous waste is not only to comply with current regulations. It also seeks to protect the environment and preserve the health of workers and the community.

If your company generates this type of waste, it is wise to have a top California hazardous waste transport service. It is essential that you know the importance of having these specialists, and which company is ideal for you.

The Importance of a Great Hazardous Waste Transportation Company

A company specializing in hazardous waste transportation is responsible for the hygienic and safe collection of waste considered dangerous. For this purpose, it has specialized personnel who will handle the different types of waste in compliance with the necessary safety measures.

Then, they will proceed to transfer it from your company to the facility that will make the correct management of each waste without threatening the environment. Among the materials that are considered hazardous waste are acids, paints, industrial oils, corrosives, batteries, plastics, surgical equipment, solvents, and tires, among others.

Count on Kvac Environment: The Premier Hazardous Waste Transport

If you require the correct transfer of your hazardous waste, we offer you the ideal service. Our team provides professional handling of dangerous material, to achieve a safer & greener environment. We have an unparalleled professional staff, specialized in the proper transportation of hazardous waste. We have the most reliable drivers in California, managed by our 24-hour central dispatch office.

We can handle all types of RCRA waste, whether solid, liquid, or sludge. We have the most specialized fleet for waste management. These are some of the excellent vehicles that we put at your service:

  • Liquid vacuum tankers
  • Super-suckers
  • Vactors
  • Jetters
  • End-dumps
  • Flatbeds

Kvac Environment Offers You Reliable and Cost-Effective Service

We are the best California hazardous waste transport company because we can handle waste from all industries, on all scales. It doesn’t matter if your waste is in lab packs, totes, drums, transformers, or any other container, we can handle it. Our structure and staff are continuously evolving to provide you with exceptional service. We will be your department of toxic substances control company.

The management of toxic and hazardous waste is a task that cannot be done by just anyone. That is why all our staff works in compliance with EPA and DOT regulations. Besides, they are trained to perform according to OSHA training standards. In short, you have a qualified team ready to handle your industrial waste. Also, you have the support of our pollution & transport liability insurance for your peace of mind.

If, in addition to transporting the hazardous waste you want to manage it properly, we have our own-and-operated wasted treatment facility available to you. So we will be your one-stop solution for the management of your hazardous waste.

Trust the Best!

If you want the leading California dangerous waste transport service, you are in the right place. Let the region’s top waste transport company take care of the hard work. Every customer is unique to us, and we’ll strive to provide you with the service you expect, and the treatment you deserve. Contact us to provide you with world-class service.

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California hazardous waste transport

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