How it all began at the Waste & Recycling Facility

Caribbean Fibres, Inc. was established in 1995 as a reseller of scrap paper collected in recycling carts from local print shops in Miami. Over the next decade paper collection volumes grew rapidly as scrap paper prices continued rising along with all other exported commodity flows. High grade post-consumer paper fiber, or “pulp substitutes”, were under increasing demand from foreign tissue paper and toweling mills located primarily in South and Central America.

The company added scrap cardboard collections which accelerated export volume growth. Caribbean Fibres, Inc. then purchased its’ first high speed baler to machine compress the fiber internally allowing it to capture additional value instead of having to sell it locally to larger processors. This step allowed it to bypass the broker and sell direct to end user mills located in Venezuela and Colombia. Mill direct supplier partnerships with these foreign mill buyers followed and the company re-branded itself as “Recycle Capital”, a fictitious name registered in the State of Florida.

In 2017 Recycle Capital acquired its’ current 4 acre recycling facility centrally located in Medley FL., featuring two full size Fairbanks truck scales, 10 loading docks, a larger Macpresse high speed baler, and an integrated hardware/software ERP platform.

When China imposed its “green fence” in late 2017 signaling their intent to exit as primary global purchasers of North American recyclables, a global decline in commodity prices followed, a bearish trend which continues today. As a result of changing market conditions Recycle Capital shifted course, away from commodity based fiber sales to focus on fee based waste and recycling services targeting commercial and industrial waste customers in the South Florida tri-county region. The new direction emphasized servicing the South Florida construction community with low cost high value waste and recycling solutions. These new customers consisted of construction companies, general and shell contractors, commercial property managers, land developers, and associated vendors and suppliers. 

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Our Future

Today’s Recycle Capital has built an excellent service delivery reputation within the local construction industry in a short time period. The company was born providing just in time service delivery for print shops that could ill afford paper scrap collection delays. This pedigree of 24/7 service delivery has served us well as we consistently beat our much larger competitors with innovative waste and recycling recovery solutions customized to the client’s work practices and jobsite needs.

The company has continuously expanded its recycling and waste infrastructure and began receiving 10,000 tons per month of construction and demolition debris from local waste hauling partners at its’ Medley material recycling facility in December 2020. The facility now boasts dual capabilities; construction and demolition recycling along with fiber recovery, material baling operations, and export container loading and shipping.

New service lines designed to deliver a “one-stop-shop” solution to the construction community include full scale demolition services, concrete and glass recycling, concrete washout service, portable toilet & COVID compliant hand washing station services, along with all type and size waste dumpsters, compactors & balers. 

The company continues the legacy business of collecting, processing and shipping 2500 tons per month of recycled pulp substitute fiber to global end user clients.

Covanta Waste To Energy

Recycle Capital recently partnered with Covanta Environmental to deliver a waste to energy zero landfill solution for LEED certification.

Land Clearing & Demolition Services

Recycle Capital & Maytin Engineering have partnered to offer a turn key demolition solution from qualification & permitting of the project to crushing & recycling concrete for onsite re-purposing/recovery.

OTR & Maritime Shipping Logistics

Logistic offerings include tandem axle carrier transport with company owned fleet of dry freight trailers & container services to both South Florida seaports. The company maintains exchange agreements with all major shipping lines for rapid access to bookings and sea lanes.

Waste Hauling Trucking Capabilities

Verizon REVEAL Cloud/GPS trucking dispatch delivers efficient regional coverage & rapid turnarounds. Next day service guaranteed. Our equipment is clean & branded and will enhance the curbside appeal of your business or job site. Our staff is talented and remarkable.

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