Paper Recycling Programs For Your Office

Go Green with Office Recycling
We will partner with your staff to design and implement an office recycling program that will measurably reduce the amount of waste material being generated in your offices and handled by your waste carrier. This reduction should result in significant cost savings to your business and/or the building owner/agent. This redirection and reclamation of material flows that were previously thrown in the trash and dumped at the landfill, is an easy sell for your workforce.

Environmental Stewardship
Social consciousness is an important component of today’s workplace. Socially responsible consumption for individuals and businesses are manifested in the many green initiatives which touch our daily lives. Recycle Capital is on the front lines of this battle against waste and excess consumption. Your employees will embrace and support our team oriented green approach. They will enthusiastically contribute to the collective cause of resource recovery and reclamation.

We are active members and work within the guidelines of the following National Green initiatives:

  • Certified Green Partners
  • U.S. Green Building Council South Florida

Reuse and Recycle
Ever wonder what happens to your recycled waste papers? We are mill direct fiber suppliers feeding the global recycled paper market. Our recycled paper is machine compressed, loaded onto shipping containers, and shipped to ports of call throughout the world. These end users liquefy and bleach the paper pulp into a slurry. After agitating and drying, the slurry is either molded, compressed, woven, or simply forwarded to the manufacturer. Your reconstituted fiber is reborn in varied forms. There are a myriad of applications and products which utilize recycled paper fiber. Some end uses and products include:

  • Building and construction inputs such as fiber insulation and drywall
  • Packaging outputs such as boxboard, linerboard, corrugated
  • Paper outputs such as printing paper, toilet paper, hand toweling

Mill direct efficiency allows us to pass the savings back to you: we’ll shred it for less and pay more for your flow.

A Customized Recycling Plan of Action For Your Office
We will work closely with your staff to design and implement the right combination of variables. Here are the basic steps to a successful plan:

  • Creating the Go Green positive vibe: the employee commitment
  • Introducing and training the workforce on recycling
  • Identifying recycling objectives and measurable volume goals
  • Assigning in house plan managers and responsibilities
  • Determining collectible material flows
  • Choosing the correct containers and deployment scheme
  • Identifying container transfer labor requirement from office to dock
  • Implementing measurable quality improvement control methods
  • Assessing plan effectiveness; revenue flow vs cost disposition

The Right Container for Your Office
Our containers are supplied by leading manufacturers which produce the best recycling and security containers used in the recycling and document destruction industries. Typical office deployments utilize the standard heavy duty 96 gallon lidded “toter” type of container. Our containers are hot stamped with our identifying brand, logo and contact numbers. All have a handy paper slot built into the lid which allows for convenient usage in the office environment. Our security containers feature a built in molded lockable hasp to allow for the placement of a security lock.