Call Us and Let Us Quote Your Flow

Access to worldwide buyers and markets allow us to pay more for your recycled paper, plastic, metal, and aluminum flow. Our transparent method of valuating your paper means we will tie your unit price to industry standard pricing mechanisms. Call us and let us quote your flow. We will help you unlock the true value of your material.

We have 20 years of experience in the design, development, and implementation of the strategies and systems your printing or manufacturing plant needs to effectively remove, recycle, and monetize your paper, plastic, metal, and aluminum waste recycling flows. Our team will work with your staff to increase efficiency and reduce wasted space, labor, and energy. Here are some of our key system features:

Time is Money… Superior Containers and Bulk Transfer of Material Flows

Our superior branded containers will add rather than subtract from the image and message your workplace delivers to your workers and customers. Wheeled stackable containers result in a reduced footprint in your work area and more efficiency for you. Tractor trailers, roll off containers, and straight trucks mean rapid removal from your site.

Space is Money…Automated Cart Dumpers, Compactors and Air Vacuum Systems

Let efficient air vacuum power suck the trim waste right off your production line. Our compaction systems will efficiently remove large quantities of paper scrap material 24/7. Free your personnel to perform more important tasks. Compaction is the most cost effective method of reducing your space commitment to recyclable staging and storage.

Recycle Capital is dedicated and committed to adding value to your business operation. We will partner with your staff to employ the most efficient methods which exist today for the removal of multiple waste flows. Allow us to present you with our testimonials, business owners and plant managers who made the switch and are happy they did. We let them speak for us.