Protect Your Company from Potential Liability and Expensive Litigation

As described above, reasonable protection thresholds have been formulated, mandated, and implemented by the Federal Government. All companies that do business and handle personal and/or corporate data, are now at risk of potential liability and litigation if they fail to act. Recycle Capital will work with your staff to design the most efficient method of handling your data needs. Our system contains the industry benchmarks as described below.

Compliant Information Destruction Entails Specific Steps and Measures

Our destruction experts will meet with your staff to identify your data destruction needs. We will work closely with your subject experts to:

  • Identify the data flow deemed proprietary and requiring secure handling
  • Develop the logistical plan required to capture, secure, and remove the collateral
  • Identify the Chain of Custody required to maintain plan integrity
  • Create the internal handling plan (IHP) and assist with workforce training
  • Identify the correct type and number of security containers for your facility
  • Choose the most efficient container deployment scheme
  • Develop the identification and access plan
  • Identify the On Site Shredding procedure and witness protocol
  • Develop measurable quality improvement and control methods
  • Assess plan effectiveness by utilizing devised quality control methods

Recycle Capital team members are always bonded and insured while operating on your premises. They arrive in uniform and comport themselves in a professional and respectful manner. All employees will carry a visible identification badge at all times.

Quality Lockable Security Containers

Our containers are supplied by leading manufacturers which produce the best recycling and security containers used in the shredding industry. Typical office deployments utilize the standard heavy duty 96 gallon lidded “toter” type of container. Our containers are hot stamped with our identifying brand, logo and contact numbers. All have a handy paper slot built into the lid which allows for convenient usage in the office environment. Our security containers feature a built in molded lockable hasp to allow for the placement of a security lock.

Chain of Custody

We will design, implement and monitor your proprietary shredding plan of action. Our Chain of Custody assures that the data flow is always transferred from your pre assigned positions to our secured containers. The material is then transferred to the on site shredding truck where the material is destroyed while incorporating pre approved witness protocol.

Special Projects or End of Year Destruction’s

Special, single use, and non typical arrangements can always be pre arranged on your schedule.

Secure Destruction of Non Paper Media

Compliant destruction of non paper media such a microfiche, tape, data storage disks and devices, is offered on a special projects based basis.