Cardboard like other paper based products, is manufactured from tree pulp. Manufacturing and distribution facilities typically generate dry clean cardboard waste. These flows are readily recyclable and are sought after by global end users as “furnish” or raw material inputs for their manufacturing processes.

Consumption of recyclable cardboard reduces the need to harvest virgin trees for pulp. Recycling 1 ton of cardboard saves over 17 trees. Recycle Capital recycles 1,000 tons of cardboard PER WEEK.

The pulping process required for producing paper based products uses a significant amount of water. By establishing cardboard recycling programs at your facilities, you might assist with reducing water consumption by over 7,000 gallons per ton of material recycled.

Manufacturing paper from virgin trees uses significantly more energy than using recycled cardboard as furnish. could help reduce energy consumption by over 5,000 Kwh per ton of cardboard they recycle. As energy requirements are reduced fossil fuels and other energy sources that produce greenhouse gasses are not consumed. Your company might help reduce 1 ton of CO2 emissions for every ton of cardboard you recycle, potentially helping the US reach its proposed greenhouse gas reduction targets of 17% by 2020.