Founding and future

Founder Jorge L. Barreto became a full time City of Miami firefighter in 1980. Jorge’s fire service career spanned 32 years served and included stints as Paramedic Firefighter, Fire Lieutenant, and Fire Captain. Jorge also studied and graduated with a B.S. In Business Administration from Florida International University.

Due to work time flexibility, Jorge soon secured part time employment as a purchasing agent for a local paper recycling company that specialized in recycling the paper scrap generated at heat set and web set printers. His mission was to solicit and acquire these scrap paper generating suppliers by offering cash for their paper scrap flow and setting up a logistics plan for the efficient collection and removal of these flows. Jorge became skilled at this and was soon involved in the fiberprocurement project for a second recycling center established in Orlando, Fl. , in the early nineties.

Jorge ventured off and founded Caribbean Fibres, Inc. in 1995, and began to a grow a portfolio of quality scrap paper suppliers in the printing, fulfillment, and direct mail industries. Paper scrap from these sourcers was considered a pulp substitute and enjoyed global demand as furnish or raw material for manufacturers of paper tissue and paper towels. End users included paper mills in Venezuela, Colombia, Europe and China.

Caribbean was successful in leveraging these supply chain relationships while methodically expanding its recycling infrastructure over the next decade. By 2005 a processing plant, high capacity baler, and added logistics capacity fueled further throughput growth. Jeannette joined Jorge in the family business in 2002 after obtaining her B.S. from Florida International University.

In 2012 Jorge retired from public service and Recycle Capital became the brand for Caribbean. Recycle Capital accurately depicted the firms’ value proposition: Converting industrial scrap flows, specifically corrugated cardboard, paper, and plastic, into valuable revenue streams for suppliers in South Florida. Optimizing this conversion meant more revenue dollars for the supplier. We delivered more value than our competitors, this why we grew.

Organic recycled cardboard and paper tonnage values, (material we collected through our own logistics), began to soar. Additionally, Recycle Capital opened a cash scale open to the public, in September 2016. These developments contributed to a tripling of processed tons and revenues generated. Tonnage values increased from 2,000 to 6,500 tons per month of processed and shipped fiber by December of 2016.

Having outgrown the footprint of its’ northwest Miami processing plant, Recycle Capital acquired and began to build a second South Florida plant in late 2016. The new 4 acre processing facility, centrally located in Medley, Fl. Is scheduled to open in August 2017. Tonnage values are expected to double to 13,000 tons processed per month at the new facility due to operational efficiencies, scale attainment as well as public and private recycling partnership successes.

Today Recycle Capital fulfills quality fiber orders to global client end users spanning 4 continents; Asia, Europe, North, South and Central America. We ship out of the Ports of Miami and Port Everglades, Fl. as well as domestic overland shipments.

South Florida is one of the fastest growing commerce and manufacturing regions in the U.S. It is the jumping off point for all logistics and commerce headed south into Central and South America as well as the Caribbean. Recycle Capital enjoys excellent access to the Port of Miami and is centrally located in the commerce hub of Doral/Medley, adjacent to Miami International Airport.

Our Value Proposition

Our optimization experts will assess your company’s’ waste flows to determine the most efficient handling methods. We will maximize your recycling revenue stream by showing you the best way to move the material out of your facility and into ours. We will charge you less or pay you more, it’s as simple as that.

Our offerings include:
  • Industrial Waste Flow Optimization Analysis
  • Office Paper Recycling Optimization Analysis
  • Automated Air Systems
  • Conveyor Belt Systems
  • Hydraulic Compaction Systems
  • Automated Baling Systems
  • Hydraulic Cart Dumper and Storage Cart Systems
  • Commercial Waste